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The NGO "", an independent cultural organization founded in the late 1980's in L'viv, focuses on modern Ukrainian and world intellectual thought.
It offers periodic forums for discussion of issues concerning Ukraine and, among others, Europe, Russia, post-Byzantium, the Muslim Renaissance. It analyzes the current situation in order to develop future socio-political strategies.
The organization also publishes "", a quarterly journal dealing with European and Ukrainian issues in politics, philosophy, and culture. It also examines the relationship of Ukrainians with Russians, Poles, Austrians, and Jews and places Ukraine in a modern geopolitical sphere that can further Ukraine's identity as a modern state.
"" is a non-governmental organization, which focuses on issues of philosophy, political science, and culture. It concerns itself with the study of interethnic relations, civilized differentiation, European identity formation and integration, and contemporary political discourse. It sponsors a regular seminar which examines cultural and political issues of frontier zones.
The organization publishes a quarterly cultural journal "" and books of prominent Ukrainian political and cultural experts.


Oles' Pohranychnyj, Head of the Ji-magazine Capitulum

Taras Voznyak, editor of the journal ""

Iryna Magdysh

Alla Tatarenko

Andriy Kyrchiv

Yevhen Troyan

German Antonov


Yurko Prokhasko

Walter Mossmann and Anton Borkovskyy

Andriy Pavlyshyn

Ji-magazine Capitulum

Yan Chaykovskyy, Oksana Dashchakivska, Yevhen Troyan



They write about us:

Knyzhnyk-review 19 (76) 2003
Konstyantyn Rodyk The Ruski town Psychoacoustics (Ukr.)

Dzerkalo Tyzhnya 28.07 - 01.08.2003
Anton Kushnir Literature and culture: the time for description and texts (Ukr.)

Knyzhnyk-review 3 (60) 2003
Yulia Yemez-Dobronosova On the distance of actuality (Ukr.)

"Molodyy bukovynec" 24 December 2002
Oleksandr Boychenko Alice in wonderland (Ukr.)

"Krejda" Literary and artistic newspaper
Slang is just an act of speech and one shouldn`t have any phobias about its existence in Ukrainian language and culture (Ukr.)

"Day" April 25 2002
Ihor Ostrovskyy Retrospective futurism (Ukr.)

"Mirror Weekly" April 19 2002
Alina Bazhan
Spirit of a Letter (Ukr.)

Projekat Rastko Kijev-Lavov
Ala Tatarenko

Filosofskaya Gazyeta 5 / 2001
Andryey Okara All Dots Stay On "" (Rus.)

"Den" July 13, 2001
Andriy Pavlyshyn: We want to create a nice masc, which could slowly adhere to the faces of those, who intend to wear it (Ukr.)

"Dzerkalo Tyzhnya"
Lesya Kharchenko
"Ji": We Defend The Last Bastion Of Ukrainian Culture's Honour (Ukr.)

"Knyzhnyk Review"
Kostyantyn Dykan'
Guides Of The European Right-Wings (Ukr.)

"Krytyka" January/February 2001
Something About The DiaCritical Signs (Ukr.)

"Postup" January 3, 2001
Awards (Ukr.)

"Krytyka" December, 2000
Diana Klochko Lviv Two-Dot Sign (Ukr.)

"Postup" December 8, 2000 (Ukr.)

"Krytyka" November, 2000 (Ukr.)

Inna Bulkina The Magazine Reading: Issue #Sixteen(Rus.)
from :

Ukrainian Hit-Parade (Ukr.)

Diana Klochko
Solomia, Solomia (Ukr.)

"Dzerkalo Tyzhnya" ("The Weekly Mirror")
Lyudmyla Taran
. To Put All Dots Over "" Or Do Not Be Afraid Of Virginia Woolf (Rus., Ukr.)

"Knyzhnyk-Review" ("Book Collectionnaire Revue")
Lyudmyla Taran. How Does The Feminist Lover Looks Like? (Ukr.)

"Postup" ("Progress")
Mykyta Dukhiv. It's Time For Feminism! (Ukr.)
Marianna Kyjanovska. The Liberty Of Development As A Truth Criterium. (Ukr.)

"Stolichnyje Novosti" ("The News Of The Capital")
Natalka Bilotserkivets. The Luxury Of Self-Publishing (Ukr.)

"Knyzhnyk-Review" ("Book Collectionnaire Revue")
Diana Klotshko. The Independent Conflictology Or The "Cold" Look At The "Hot" Problems. (Ukr.)

Oleh Sydor-Hibelinda The Silent Dignity Of Collage (Ukr.)

"PiC" Weekly Magazine
Oles' Pohranychnyj. The Dots Over "" (Ukr.)

"Vinnytski Vidomosti" ("Vinnytsya News")
Victor Melnyk. On The Crossroad of Etenity And Actuality. (Ukr.)

, March 13, 2000
The Voice Of Serbia In Lyvov

Dukh i Litera ("The Spirit And The Letter"), 1997, 1-2 (Ukr.)

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