Editorial Staff:
Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Iryna Magdysh
Oles Pohranychnyj
Mykhaylo Moskal

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.61 / 2010

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Taras Voznyak Safety in Black Sea region as a mirror of the world's geopolitical changes

Taras Voznyak Deflection of electoral ticker or preparation to curtailing of Ukrainian project?

On the fracture of civilizations. Middleterrainian - Black sea - Caspium (regions)

Oleksandr Irchin Russia and USA after the "cold war": long way to the new international system

Oleksiy Volovych Ways and means of solution of basing Black Sea RF fleet in Sevastopol problem.

Volodymyr Prytula Does RF fleet guarantee the safety of Ukraine?

Remzi Chavagi Problems of the crimean tatar's integration in ukrainian society

Svitlana Konopchuk "Kharkiv's" agreements. 30 % or 30 coins?

Ivan Horodynsky Prolongation the term of russian Black Sea fleet deployment on the territory of Ukraine: juridical aspect of the problem

Interview with the head of Islamic comitee of Russia Heydar Dzhemal

Taras Voznyak Geopolitical challenges for president Barack Husein Obama

Selesta Volander USA don't considering Black Sea region as a buffer area

Vage Avetyan Putin's plan - to tear Georgia into pieces and force it to ask back in USSR

Serhij Glazkow Kremlin's ambitions: by whom rings the bell?

Randall Collins Modern technology and geopolitics

Gonatan Terner Geopolitics in context of worldsystems and civilizations

Pol F. Dill, Geri Goertz Territorial changes and military conflict

Karen Rassler, Wil R. Tompson Definition of system wars

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